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MLL-Hamburg - how everything began

MLL-HAMBURG is your manufacturer for weather protection, sun protection and ventilation made of aluminium. In June 1983, starting out with two people and a small workshop hall of 100 m², Peter Müsing foundedMLL-GmbH.

The original name was derived from the noise-dampening ventilation systems initially sold, described in German as Maximal (maximum) Lärmschutz (noise protection), Lüftungen (ventilation). Or MLL for short.

The range of MLL-GmbH was rapidly expanded to sliding ventilation systems and slats for weather protection grids. Through the steady growth of the product range and the related increase in the company volume, in 2001 the family-owned company was made complete by the second generation, son Sven Müsing.

The synergy from young and old, from curiosity and experience is what keeps the ideas vibrant and allowed the company to grow from 2 employees back then to approx. 33 employees today and to production halls of roughly 2,100 m².

The company draws on over 30 years of detailed knowledge and many years of experience in the national and international market. We are continuously growing and expanding our product variety. We produce large and small orders and special designs. We manufacture for industry, medium-sized companies, as well as private individuals.

MLL-HAMBURG offers comprehensive solutions for your construction project, short production cycles and delivery times, to ensure that each customer receives utmost individual care. From planning, to the CAD drawing, right down to manufacturing, everything comes from one source and one location.

Each customer is treated completely individually, receiving full attention and friendliness.

– In typical Hamburg tradition –

Independent Divisions

MLL-HAMBURG - two companies under one roof

MLL Lamellensysteme GmbH

The company MLL LAMELLENSYSTEME GMBH produces weather protection grids, slat facades, ventilation systems and sells window ventilation units. With these products, we promote fresh air and ventilation of rooms, e.g. plant buildings and installations in the private, industrial and municipal field and contribute to a good interior climate. They offer protection, for example, from direct ingress of rain and from penetration by insects, leaves and birds. Our weather protection products argued according to your individual needs, thus we offer you completely individual solutions. These elements are also used as shading and screening.

MLL Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH

The company MLL SONNENSCHUTZSYSTEME GMBH combines design with functional engineering. It offers a vast array of use and design forms in the area of exterior shading on buildings with large aluminium slats. These shading systems not only offer the benefit of shade, but also now play an important role in facade design in modern architecture. Whether installed as a rigid or flexible, horizontal or vertical system – we develop design creations for architecture, trade, restaurant and catering, industry and private individuals.

Our values

What we stand for

With MLL ventilation grids or shading systems provide for a good and pleasant interior climate and wellbeing. The MLL facade systems made a design statement on the facade exteriors and thus achieved individuality on the construction project. Our diverse and variable products provide a building benefit and combine creativity and freedom of design in harmony with the required technical building regulations. This means practically no limits with MLL products.

It is important to us to support you in your creativity and desired implementation, we can also design and develop very individual new slats for you. The corresponding tool is cut and used to produce the profiles – the entire process, incl. factory planning and technical engineering.

Our products are produced solely in Hamburg/Germany. We manufacture with accuracy, precision and a handful of attention to detail. All products are unique and are individually manufactured for you. MLL-HAMBURG it is company certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Our products are subject to continuous quality assurance. This allows us to provide you with constant product quality.
– We call it the MLL manufacturer’s guarantee –

MLL-HAMBURG can look back on over 30 years of experience in expertise. Our operations, which started out small, have now grown into a company, and this is also directly related to our basic mindset.

“We are under constant development, as he who stops becoming better has already stopped being good.”