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MLL Sun protection slat sonal D-320B

Special profiles

MLL Sun protection slat sonal D-320B

Special profiles
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Rigid version
  • Slat horizontal or vertical
  • Elliptical slat
  • 320 mm slat width
  • Slat span up to 7600 mm
  • Free design option for slat connection
  • Lamellenneigung 0°, 15°, 30° oder 45°
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Product Description

The MLL Special profile D-320B from MLL Hamburg, is an elliptical slat made of aluminium. This slat is suitable for vertical, facade-parallel use with slats positioned horizontally or vertically.

MLL sun protection slat
Type sonal D-320B
Special profile

Surface :
As processed
Anodised E6 / EV1, C31 – C35
Powder coated RAL Classic
DB 701 – DB 703
NCS-S and pearl effect on request

Scope :
Sun protection slat for free system design

Area of Application :
For indoor and outdoor use
As visual, glare, heat and sun protection

Struture :
Sun protection slat delivered cut-to-length or in manufacturer’s lengths

Technical Data

Assembly According to design and customer request
Slat sonal D-320B
Slat dimensions 320 x 150 mm
Slat distance Standard distance approx. 320 mm, other distances possible
Tilt angle / adjustment angle 0°, 15°, 30° or 45°
Other tilt angle on request
Span ca. 7600 mm (or according to static calculation)
Material All profiles made of aluminium EN AW 6060 T67
Construction product Yes / certification acc. to DIN EN 10204

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