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MLL Sun protection

We provide you with shade and create a good interior climate!

In general, we differentiate between horizontal and vertical (facade-parallel) MLL sun protection systems MLL. Moreover, the sonal D series allows for rigid and flexible models, which can be motor-driven, depending upon needs. For the fixture, you can design your own support systems or rely on standard profiles.

Our MLL sun protection products are divided into three different slat systems:

  1. sonal D: Elliptical slat
  2. sonal H10: Single-walled slat
  3. SLC: Single-walled slat, clip system

We constantly expand our product range and can thus design and produce new slats based on your individual needs – this all includes construction design and technical project engineering.

MLL system configuration:

The shapes of the slats offer a variety of design options. They are constructed fixed or flexible depending on the architecture of the building or the customer’s requirements.






Type description
Slat typesSlat shapeSlat characteristics
sonal D-080xxxxx
sonal D-100xxxxx
sonal D-150xxxxx
sonal D-200xxxxx
sonal D-240xxxxx
sonal D-300xxxxx
sonal D-350xxxxx
sonal D-400xxxxx
sonal D-450xxxxx
sonal H10Zxx
sonal H10Rxx
sonal D-320Bxxx
sonal D-200Rxxxxx
sonal Delta 400xx
sonal D-300RSxxxxx
sonal D-200ERxxxxxx

Installation situations

Timber support

Schoek ISO basket

Reinforced concrete

Sword tie


Steel substructure

Frame attachment

Type key

for MLL large sun protection slats

This type key explains the configuration of the MLL systems to enable you to choose the proper type.

With the MLL sun protection systems, you can have both attractive features and an eye-catching design.