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Walpershofen Bridge

Office Building

The Köllerbach flows from north to south, straight through the town of Walpershofen. It divides the town into a south-east and north-west half. A bridge connects these parts of town. It will inevitably become the centrepiece and eyecatcher of the town. Due to the design of the cladding, unusual for a bridge, this structure is an attraction. Thanks to the dynamic, wave-like progression of the slats and the evening illumination, a drive across the bridge takes on a completely different meaning.

The Walpershofen bridge has a total span of 50 m and is 6 m wide. It was mounted in two parts, the centre pillar is used for structural alignment. The MLL sun protection slats were individually manufactured and cut to different lengths. Above the elliptical slats, shifter cuts (double miter cut) were made in order to display the three-dimensional waveform. For the attachment of the slats to the bridge structure, specially designed special brackets were used to withstand the enormous pressure and draft load of passing trains. The striking lighting was installed above and below the slats. The metallic paint on the bridge also reflects the light.

Sun protection
Sonal D-300

Bridge construction: vertical rigid, custom design

  • Dimensions: B: 300 mm x h: 54 mm
  • max. Length: approx. 7490 mm
  • Surface: Anodised E6/EV1


  • Via system brackets / system profiles horizontal / vertical
  • Cassette system
  • rigid/flexible (manual, motor-driven)
  • Sun protection
  • Shading from the roof
  • Shading from the window
  • Shading on the facade
  • Design element on the building

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Weather protection
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