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Threadneedle Street, London

Office Building

This building was fully equipped with MLL ventilation grids. For the protection and cover of technical equipment, the roof area was equipped with MLL roof air vents.

The ventilation grids are mounted around the building above the windows, thus creating constant air circulation in the building. Thanks to the outgoing and incoming ventilation of the rooms with fresh air, this creates a good interior climate. The ventilation grids were built in straight, but also in different bending radii, hugging the contours of the building. An enclosure was placed along the edge of building roof, fulfilling both aesthetic but also protective aspects. The technical enclosure creates a closed-off unit and can be entered via a door. Its purpose is to shield the technical installations on the roof from view. In addition, the technical devices on the roof were enclosed with individual roof air vents, in order to protect them from weather influences and to provide necessary air circulation, thus safeguarding that the equipment will not overheat.

Weather protection

  • Slat: 040
  • Slat shape: Z-shaped
  • Ventilation cross section: 53%
  • Surface: RAL 9007

Ventilation grids:

  • Shopping Centre
  • Car Park
  • Buildings / Houses in general
  • Windows
  • Individual building wings

General Incoming and outgoing ventilation of buildings and rooms

Roof air vent:

  • Roof
  • Top floors on buildings
  • Lift shafts

General cladding of technical devices

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Weather protection
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Skoda Car Dealership, Munich

MLL-weather protection | System type: Type 775XL