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Telekom, Barmbek

Administration building

The Telekom administration building in Hamburg fits superbly into the Barmbek district. The buildings appearance also fits into the city quarter, with six storeys on the Fuhle side and four storeys on Maurienstraße. A reddish-brown clay facade is reminiscent of the traditional Barmbek red brick building style. The difficult contours of the property factor into the special architecture. It resulted in a V-shaped building with approx. 12,000 square metres of gross floor space.

MLL ventilation grids were built around the entire building. They are clamped in brickwork openings and partly serve as a replacement for the windows. This created a good inside climate for this building, thus ensuring outgoing and incoming ventilation of the interiors. The MLL ventilation grids are equipped with fly and bird protection grids, which protect against direct ingress of rain and penetration by leaves and birds.

This project is an case study for several additional buildings for Telekom, which we have realised in the past for the company Caverion.

Ventilation grids

  • MLL System: 623
  • Slat 020 in frame 603
  • Slat shape: Z-slat, sliding-water safe
  • Ventilation cross section: 50?%
  • Fly screen: Stainless steel mesh 1.4 mm
  • Surface: Anodised E6/EV1
  • Assembly: Clamped

Ventilation grids

  • Wherever ventilation is desired in rooms

Enclosures / Housings

  • Wherever it is necessary to protect technical devices from weather influences
  • As Screening

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Weather protection
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