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Intercity Hotel Hildesheim

Hotel building

The Intercity Hotel in Hildesheim is centrally located at the main railway station and catches the eye of every visitor to the city.

Due to the central location and the loud air conditioning and ventilation units on the roof, it is necessary to protect the residents from the resulting noise. This is where MLL comes into play with the new sound-insulating façade system 754DXLZ. Requirements and appearance have been skilfully combined in this louvre system. In order to achieve the required sound insulation, the louvre is filled with mineral wool and sealed with an inserted perforated sheet. Due to the colour scheme in RAL 1001, the enclosure could be almost perfectly adapted to the corporate identity of the Intercity Group. The installation is made very easy for the company carrying out the work thanks to the ingenious system. The large 004Z retaining rail is mounted on the substructure and the slats are pushed into the rail. A lever-out protection ensures that the slats can withstand the corresponding stresses without any problems. Corner designs with mitre cuts are realised just like other wishes of our customers. Approx. 10 tons of aluminium were used for the complete construction.

Weather protection

  • MLL type 754DXLZ
  • Louvre blade 050DXL
  • Sound-absorbing technical enclosure
  • Surface finish: RAL 1001, soap gloss (according to GSB)
  • Mounting: Holding rail 004Z asn on-site substructure
  • Slat pushed in with anti-lift device
  • Vertical system with horizontal slat

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Weather protection
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Skoda Car Dealership, Munich

MLL-weather protection | System type: Type 775XL