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Hyatt Regency, Düsseldorf


In the trendy media quarter of Düsseldorf, Hyatt has built a EUR 90 million hotel complex that is one of the largest investments implemented by the American hotel group in Germany. Spread over two 16-storey towers, the hotel features 290 guest rooms and 13 suites, along with luxury spa facilities, a state-of-the-art conference center and a spectacular event area.

MLL-HAMBURG produced specially designed ventilation grids, always taking into account the optimal interplay of design and function, for discreet integration into the unusual architecture and elegant design of the luxury hotel. The distinctive elements of the interior design, e.g. the grass and the flying butterflies of the ground or the carpet were integrated into the ventilation grid and repeated in the form of flying birds. In the entire hotel hallways, they reflect a perfect staging of a nature landscape. Thus, they represent perfectly integrated ventilation grids.

Weather protection

  • Type 622L
  • Slat: 020L
  • Slat shape: Z-shaped
  • Ventilation cross section: 62%
  • Surface: RAL 9005, matte

Special construction using ventilation grids with individually lasered and welded-on figures

Ventilation grids:

  • Shopping Centre
  • Car Park
  • Buildings / Houses in general
  • Windows
  • Individual building wings

General ventilation of buildings and rooms

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Weather protection
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