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Arabeska, Munich

Office Building

The Arabeska office complex at Arabellastraße 30 in Munich offers a floor space of around 26,000 square metres. The free-form, curved building lends the office building a unique flair in Arabellapark. The generous use of natural lighting, the varied facade, contribute to this building’s stunning impact, not only due to its sustainability.

MLL-HAMBURG produced elements for this complex office building on different levels. On the one hand, intricate ventilation grids without frames were installed under the windows as ventilation systems. As the building has a lots of curvatures, some of the work could be done only with specially designed custom elements. On the other hand, a complete enclosure was built along the edge of the roof to discreetly conceal all the building engineering equipment. In the field of electrical equipment, additional doors were installed in the enclosure, to allow unimpeded access at any time. The slats on the doors were mounted overhead for design reasons.

Ventilation grids

  • MLL System: 514xs
  • Slat 010xs on supporting pillar 004og
  • Slat shape: Z-shaped
  • Ventilation cross section: 41%
  • Surface: DB 703


  • MLL-System: 624L
  • Slat 020L
  • Slat shape: Z-shaped
  • Ventilation cross section: 62%
  • Surface: RAL 9006

Door assembly:
Slat 020L has been mounted overhead

Ventilation grids

  • Wherever ventilation is desired in rooms

Enclosures / Housings

  • Wherever it is necessary to protect technical devices from weather influences
  • As Screening

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Weather protection
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Skoda Car Dealership, Munich

MLL-weather protection | System type: Type 775XL