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Vogelweidestraße, Munich

Modern living newly defined: The App.artments in Munich’s district of Bogenhausen offer exclusive and functionally designed living space in one of Munich’s top locations. It enables a furnished short-term living space in a whole new quality. 

The App.artments are located in a structure erected in the 1970s. One would never know that it is an older building, as thanks to the thorough refurbishment, it predominantly achieves the standard of a new building. With a stylish and modern facade, the building breathes new life into Vogelweidestraße. Room-high windows with slat applications lend structure and create design accents. The MLL slats used in this case have no ventilation function, they are merely a design element in the facade. The gold-coloured slats match the gathered curtains and harmonise superbly with the overall impression of the facade. The soft, S-shaped slat design tastefully sets off the gathered curtain texture and thus creates a stylishly unified look in the window area.

Facade system

  • MLL System: 746S Audi
  • Slat 040S on Audi supporting pillar 006
  • Slat shape: S-shaped
  • Ventilation cross section: 50%
  • Surface: Powder coated, special gold colour

Slat facade:

  • building / home
  • Night cooling of the building
  • Car park
  • design element

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Weather protection
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Skoda Car Dealership, Munich

MLL-weather protection | System type: Type 775XL