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Abford House “The Peak”, London

Office Building

Abford House in London represents an impressive, high-profile building in the centre of this megacity. Its unusual design makes people stop and look.

The roof is a special eye-catcher. Made of large slats that appear to virtually float in mid-air, this roof construction is truly something extraordinary. These slats are custom designs. In this, each slat is unique. They have a length of up to 7.50 m and free cantilevers  of over 3 m. In order to underscore the floating design, the attachments on the steel substructure were made as discreet as possible. For this purpose, the slat interior was redesigned by MLL-HAMBURG, thus integrating the tension and compression rods for attachment. The slats have different shifter cuts (i.e. deep mitre cuts, similar to the construction of a pyramid). As a result, each slat received its specially-produced cover. In total, approx. 40 tonnes of aluminium went into the large slats for the roof construction.

Sun protection

  • Sonal D-320B
  • Roof construction horizontal rigid, custom design
  • Dimensions: B: 320 mm x h: 150 mm
  • max. length: approx. 7600 mm
  • Surface: Anodised E6/EV1 according to British standard
  • Assembly: Via system brackets / system profiles
  • horizontal / vertical, rigid
  • Sun protection
  • Shading from the roof
  • Shading from the window
  • Shading on the facade
  • Design element on the building

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Weather protection
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Skoda Car Dealership, Munich

MLL-weather protection | System type: Type 775XL