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Weather protection grid burglar-resistant

Burglary attempt useless!

Burglar protection has become an increasingly important issue in today's world, which is why MLL-HAMBURG developed new burglar-resistant weather protection grids, ventilation grids up to a protection class RC3 under the motto of protection, safety and safe living.

Each of us can understand relate to this scenario: Arriving home, you suddenly discover that there has been a burglary in your flat, garage or building. In most cases, valuables or even personal mementos have disappeared. It is damage not only in a financial sense but also in terms of sentimental value.

RC3-tested weather protection/ventilation grids

of type 781D-RC3, 782D-RC3!

You can obtain security and not have to without fresh air or ventilation in a room or building. The new weather protection/ventilation grids from MLL-HAMBURG make it possible.

The burglar-proof RC3-tested ventilation grid, MLL type 781D-RC3 and MLL type 782D-RC3, is equipped with a reinforced frame and elliptical slats. This is installed flush with the wall opening and is used for fresh air or venting in a room, e.g. in garages or as a ventilation grid instead of a window, which at the same time provides protection inside against theft and burglary.

MLL Type 782D-RC3 - MLL Product News
MLL Type 782D-RC3 - MLL Product News
MLL Type 782D-RC3 - MLL Product News

Areas of application:
Wherever fresh air or venting in a room is required, and at the same time it provides protection inside against theft and burglary.

 Fields of use*:

  • Brickwork openings
  • Garages
  • Ventilation grids instead of windows
  • Wall constructions according to DIN 1627: 2011, table, NA.2-NA.4

*Detailed installation options depending upon the property available upon request.

Functional description:
For the concealed attachment and for the protection against unauthorised removal of the weather protection grid from the outside, various fastening possibilities are provided which are anchored in the brickwork by means of screws or threaded rods. The shape, arrangement, filling and fastening of the slats in the frame largely prevent entrance by an intruder with standard tools. On the reverse, a fly screen made of stainless steel (Nirosta) can be installed as protection from insects and small animals.

Special features / special characteristics:
Increased protection due to higher classification of resistance class RC3. These MLL system types are therefore a useful application for smaller prescribed RC classes.

 These products are:

  • Burglar-resistant
  • Sturdy
  • Low-maintenance

These products are available in two different versions:

  • MLL - Type 781D-RC3, Assembly enclosed
    • For flush installation in brickwork openings.
    • Attachment option of being concealed in the frame.
    • Alternative via welding tongues on the reverse.
    • 36% free ventilation cross section
  • MLL - Type 782D-RC3, recessed assembly
    • For flush installation in brickwork openings.
    • For permanent connection with the brickwork (cemented in).
    • 36% free ventilation cross section