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RC3 grid now also larger - up to 2 x 2 meters

After huge demand, MLL-HAMBURG is expanding the range of the RC3 series.

Since 2009, the number of burglaries in Germany has risen steadily again - but also the figures of dips prevented. Forty per cent of all burglaries could be prevented by qualified burglar protection in 2015. This shows that investments in burglar security, whether as a retrofitting or as a new procurement , is definitely worthwhile. The most popular break-in targets are 32 percent of the windows and about 7 percent the basement areas affected. Forcest opening of doors and windows is becoming increasingly popular among burglars. This is why a high protection against break-in of the protection class RC3 is an advantage.

The RC3 ventilation grilles of MLL-HAMBURG tested according to DIN EN 1627 to 1630 have an above-average time of resistance. Even the examiners failed to destroy the MLL RC3 ventilation grill after 18 minutes. The standard time for an RC3 test is 5 minutes. 

The various installation variants, 781D-RC3 for flush mounting in masonry openings (concealed in the frame in the frame), and 782D-RC3 in a permanent connection with the masonry (concreted), make the leaking out of the window virtually impossible. The various installation variants (concealed fixing or concreted) make it almost impossible to pry out the window. The interior is therefore safely supplied with fresh air.