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Only locking alone is not enough

Tested burglar-proof RC2 door

The newly tested RC2 door will make it even harder for thieves to get in and easier for homeowners to protect themselves - even retrospectively. With the newly tested burglar-proof door type 514gefm-RC2 another product joins the MLL protection series.

The official police figures show that the optimal protection of property will always remain an important issue. Although the number of burglary attempts has declined in recent years, this is also due to the prevention of homeowners. With the appropriate burglary protection concept one is not absolutely safe, but the probability is clearly smaller that uninvited guests penetrate into the own four walls.Thieves know where the weak points are at home - security comes first.

Windows and doors are on the ground floor with 77 per cent the by far most frequent points of attack in single family houses. In multi-family buildings, it accounts for just under half of all attempts to get in. If they are badly secured or not secured at all, this is equivalent to an invitation to burglars. Fresh air and yet tested RC2 protection against burglary attempts. Climatic comfort and high security.

Here is an overview of the advantages of the air-permeable door:
The 514gefm-RC2 is a single-leaf burglar and theft-resistant weather-resistant door of type 514gefm-RC2. It can be retrofitted and is therefore suitable for retrofitting. Due to the flush-mounted wall closure, no thieves with burglary tools (according to RC2) can be offered an attack surface. The front of the door forms an even surface with the outer wall. This door is made of aluminium and is difficult or impossible to break through. The pressure of the impact is compensated by the deformability in such a way that as a rule only a buckling of the metal results. Type 514gefm has a closed slat surface and is equipped with reinforced Z slats. It thus offers a compact and highly stable hold. The 30 x 6 mm, milled ventilation slots on the blades are ideal for ensuring constant air exchange in the room. The column 004fm offers a secure hold and additionally the possibility to mount an insect screen. The MLL type 514gefm-RC2 ensures a free ventilation cross-section of 6.26 % with a size of 1033 x 2120 mm. The natural air exchange by fresh air supply achieves a good indoor air quality without mechanical systems. This results in optimum humidity regulation and thus also protection against mould or the like. Due to the flush-mounted installation it offers the burglar a small attack surface in order to reach the target with his tool. This door is optionally available with or without fly screen. Additional protection is provided by 3-way locking with 3 hinges.

The ideal application:
This RC2 door is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Wherever continuous ventilation with fresh air supply is required.

This could include:
Electrical rooms, rooms that can give off accumulated heat, to name just a few of the many areas of application, or the mostly concealed cellar doors, which can hardly be seen from the outside. Burglars appreciate this, as they run less risk of being discovered here, even if it takes longer. For this reason, the cellar door should be particularly well secured. The surface of the door can be accentuated either by different RAL or anodised shades or forms a harmonious unit with the brickwork.

For the love of the environment:
MLL-HAMBURG® is a manufacturer of aluminium products. Aluminium can be fully recycled without any loss of quality. Only 5 percent of the energy is used in the recycling process, but it can be melted down easily. Aluminium is a light metal as a material, yet it is extremely strong.

RC2 protection in minimum and maximum size:
To guarantee the tested RC2 protection, MLL-HAMBURG® offers the type 514gefm-RC2 in sizes from (W x H) 826.4 mm to 1136.3 mm x 1696 mm to 2332 mm. Installation is flush with the masonry and must be carried out by a specialist company in accordance with DIN EN 1627 Table NA2 to NA4.

Push a latch forward to burglars:
MLL-HAMBURG® is a premium member of and listed at the Bavarian Criminal Investigation Office for Preventive Measures in the manufacturer directory for tested and certified burglar-resistant products. Feeling good all round in a healthy climate is probably the standard most people set for their homes. The manufacturer for weather protection, sun protection and light protection products has a multiplicity of burglar-resistant weather protection lattices or doors in its assortment.