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MLL-Night Cooling

MLL-HAMBURG provides for a pleasant climate

The Night Cooling System from MLL-HAMBURG is a natural ventilation system, to compensate for indoor and outdoor temperature differences. It serves the controlled regulation of temperature, humidity and air quality in a room and in doing so, provides for a pleasant indoor climate.

MLL Weather protection:
The MLL slat systems, which achieve up to a 76% free ventilation cross section, are extraordinarily suitable to be clamped into window profiles (instead of a pane), in post and beam construction or for installation in the brickwork. The MLL facade systems are applied as an equipment enclosure, car park / building exteriors – all in all, for all surfaces, where weather protection is required in connection with air exchange.

MLL sun protection:
The exterior MLL sun protection can be installed across wide window surfaces with spans up to 7 metres. It reduces the amount of direct sunlight and therefore, reduces the heat input into the building. The slats can be installed fixed, flexibly, projecting, horizontally and vertically (depending on the product). The single-walled MLL sun protection profiles are a cost-efficient alternative to the MLL hollow chamber profiles. They are lightweight and easy to install thanks to the clip system from MLL and can be combined with the frames or the support profiles from MLL weather protection.

The MLL weather and sun protection systems can be perfectly combined with one another and in doing so, provide you with limitless design options.