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Only locking alone is not enough

Tested burglar-proof RC2 door

The newly tested RC2 door will make it even harder for thieves to get in and easier for homeowners to protect themselves - even retrospectively. With the newly tested burglar-proof door type 514gefm-RC2 another product joins the MLL protection series.

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RC3 grid now also larger - up to 2 x 2 meters

After huge demand, MLL-HAMBURG is expanding the range of the RC3 series.

The tried and tested RC3 MLL-weather protection were subject to a further test at the end of 2016. The MLL-weather protection grilles 781D-RC3 and 782D-RC3 are now also available in sizes of up to 2 x 2 meters. The installation variants remain as usual

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Protection from summer heat and a pleasant room temperature for well-being

The summer will be beautiful – without accumulated heat, thanks to the sun protection systems from MLL-HAMBURG.

A pleasant room temperature in the summer months, yet energy efficient. The basic solutions from MLL-HAMBURG demonstrate just how incredibly easy and uncomplicated it can be to create a pleasant room climate.

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Ventilation grids tested in the driven rain

We won’t leave you out in the rain!

The water repellent ventilation grids from MLL-HAMBURG are designed to restrict the ingress of water during rain, yet to allow the circulation of air into or out of an air ventilation unit or a part of a building. They are used in many applications in which differences of wind direction and speed, local turbulence, droplet speed and size, rain distribution and draining surface water from surrounding parts of a building may occur.

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MLL-HAMBURG provides for a pleasant climate

Thanks to the MLL-Night Cooling System, you can create a perfect balance.

The Night Cooling System from MLL-HAMBURG is a natural ventilation system, to compensate for indoor and outdoor temperature differences. It serves the controlled regulation of temperature, humidity and air quality in a room and in doing so, provides for a pleasant indoor climate. The MLL weather and sun protection systems can be perfectly combined with one another and in doing so, provide you with limitless design options.

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Burglar protection has become an increasingly important issue in today's world, which is why MLL-HAMBURG developed new burglar-resistant weather protection grids, ventilation grids up to a protection class RC3 under the motto of protection, safety and safe living. Each of us can understand relate to this scenario: Arriving home, you suddenly discover that there has been a burglary in your flat, garage or building.

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The meaning of the protection class RC3:

Burglar protection, what you can do and how to select the right product.

The number of burglaries rose in Germany in 2013 by 3.7% to 149,500 cases. Above all,  burglary thefts during daytime hours increased by 5.8%. In fact, early 44% of burglaries in Germany now occur during the day. Security installations firmly connected to the building are the essential prerequisite for effective burglar protection.

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What does Protection Class IP23D mean?

Definition and meaning in the overview.

For reliable building protection, it is necessary to take proper safety precautions. One such measure would be a penetration-safe door protected against foreign objects, contact and humidity / water. In its range, the company MLL-Hamburg offers doors and weather protection grids / ventilation grids of type: 621V-IP23D, 622V-IP23D, 623V-IP23D.

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MLL timber look aluminium slats

Our slats can be supplied in various surface finishes.

Whether wood, stone or any other finish. The aluminium slats look deceptively real and can emulate the appearance of almost every material. The coating has excellent U-values, is heat-resistant and durable in weather conditions. Facades from the material mix of wood and aluminium are a successful solution even under difficult circumstances, such as in architecture and interior architecture industries, as the design possibilities are practically endless in terms of material, structure and shape.

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