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Press Releases from 2016

April 2016

Intelligent sun protection.

Controls that follow the sun.

Summer heat protection is playing an ever-increasing role in buildings. For rooms with large window areas or in penthouses, there is a particular demand for summer heat protection. Depending on the level of the sun, there is a different amount of sunlight or heat produced. To keep a room at a constant and pleasant climate, there are the intelligent, external solar protection systems from MLL-HAMBURG. 

EnEV;Edition 03-04/2016

February 2016

Cover up facades.

With the slat 040ge, large facade surfaces can be designed.

The Hamburg-based company is thus creating new possibilities in the facade design with metal. For example, the system serves to cover up uneven brickwork, which may exhibit unsightly pipes or damaged areas, or simply when remodeling a facade. Fitted with the slat 040ge, it covers up and protects the brickwork. The facade thus creates an overall smooth surface on the building.

Klempnermagazin (Plumber Magazine);Edition 02/2016