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Press Releases from 2015

November 2015

Burglary attempt useless.

Protected ventilation grid in resistance class RC3.

Burglary protection has become an increasingly important issue in today's world, which is why MLL-HAMBURG developed a new burglar-resistant weather protection grid/ventilation grid in the high protection class RC3 under the motto of protection, safety and safe living. Each of us can understand relate to this scenario: Arriving home, you suddenly discover that there has been a burglary in your flat, garage or building. In most cases, valuables or even personal mementos have disappeared. It is damage not only in a financial sense but also in terms of sentimental value.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 11/2015

June 2015

Weather protection grid RC3-tested.

The Hamburg-based company MLL has now dedicated itself to the subject of burglary protection.

The grids are available in two different installation versions: Either with a concealed attachment or for encasement in concrete, and they are equipped with a reinforced frame and elliptical slats. It is installed flush with the brickwork opening and is used for fresh air or venting in a room, e.g. in garages or as a ventilation grid instead of a window, which at the same time is intended to protection inside against theft and burglary. The grid withstood a burglary attempt for 18 minutes (the maximum timeframe for RC3 is five minutes).

Glaswelt (Glass World);Edition 06/2015

May 2015

Sliding shutters designed by MLL.

Climate comfort you can adjust.

The focus of these MLL sliding shutters is to avoid overheating in a room or in a building. Especially in summer months, it is important to ensure a ventilated and pleasant room temperature. The MLL sliding shutters provide natural ventilation and shading of large glass surfaces or window installations facing south.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 05/2015

April 2015

Doors in protection class IP23D.

A door is the calling card of security

Buildings or rooms are locked in normal conditions. We do it automatically without thinking about it. But why do we do it? We want to protect our property or also other people from dangerous goods and from unauthorised access. We want to be sure that the original condition is maintained when leaving and re-entering a room.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 04/2015

March 2015

Burglary attempt useless.

Exhibition highlights of MLL-HAMBURG at BAU 2015.

Also in that year, the company presented itself as an exhibitor at BAU in Munich. The stand was designed almost exclusively from the manufacturer's products, so that the entire exhibition appearance of MLL Hamburg was composed of the exhibits. The trade fair highlight from MLL-Hamburg, however, was the brand-new burglary-resistant ventilation grid MLL Type 781D-RC3. In the run-up to the exhibition, the weather protection and ventilation grid was tested for burglary safety according to DIN EN 1627: 2011. The product was able to withstand the test requirements for resistance class RC3 for 18 minutes, whereas the standard only requires 5 minutes.

Bauelemente Bau (Construction Elements Construction);Edition 03/2015

February 2015

Together, we are what each one of us is individually.

Also in that year, the company presented itself as an exhibitor at the Munich trade fair, BAU 2015.

The highlights of the MLL trade fair were products for weather protection and sun protection, which were demonstrated in a visual and tangible way. Almost the entire stand was made from MLL products. All the individual parts added up to the entire stand. The campaign motto "I am MLL" / "We are MLL" was presented in visible and tangible ways.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 02/2015