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Press Releases from 2014

October 2014

The new MLL slats 040ge is expanding the product portfolio.

Closed system slats for window construction and for facade design.

In this, the company is creating an additional expansion in facade design and affording architects additional design opportunities. For example, the system serves to cover up uneven brickwork or simply when designing a facade. Fitted with the slat 040ge, it covers up and protects the brickwork.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 10/2014

September 2014

The manufacturer’s warranty from MLL-HAMBURG.

Anyone who opts for MLL should feel comfortable and in good hands.

At MLL, we are convinced that only through this calm interaction with each other can trust develop, creating the foundation on which MLL builds its business and derives its customer-focused dedication. With decades of  experience and expertise, the company develops and manufactures products according to the wishes of its customers. The products are manufactured according to DIN ISO 2768-2-c, L. The aluminium profiles are manufactured in alloy EN AW-6060/63 T6 /T66 and according to EN 755-1/-2 /-9.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 09/2014

August 2014

Good climate with MLL-HAMBURG.

MLL-Night Cooling reduces the amount of direct sunlight and therefore reduces the heat input into the building.

The natural ventilation system serves the controlled regulation of temperature, humidity and air quality in a room and in doing so, provides for a pleasant indoor climate. The MLL weather protection systems, which achieve up to a 76% free ventilation cross section, are very suitable to be clamped into window profiles, instead of a pane, in post and beam construction or for installation in the brickwork. Our MLL facade systems are applied as an equipment enclosure, car park or building exteriors, for example – all in all, for all surfaces, where weather protection is required in connection with air exchange.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 08/2014

Summer heat protection – the heat stays outside.

Sun protection: Summer heat protection is playing an ever-increasing role in modern buildings.

The main task of summer heat protection is to keep the temperatures on a hot summer day at a tolerable level, for example in meeting rooms and roof-level rooms. Among other things of importance is the heat storage capacity of insulation materials (wall or roof), which influences the room temperature. You can find out more about the influencing factors and effective sun protection measures for window and facades in the article.

M&T;Edition 08/2014

July 2014

Linear grilles from MLL-HAMBURG.

More than a practical cover.

MLL linear grilles are elegant air vents made of aluminium. Ventilation ducts or shaft covers are necessary and serve for air exchange, but are not always beautiful both inside and outside. The linear grids from MLL-HAMBURG are used wherever architecture and functionality brought into perfect harmony.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 07/2014

MLL-Hamburg’s systems for weather and sun protection provide for a pleasant climate.

Areas of expertise that have developed over decades make the coordination between MLL Weather and Sun Protection successful and offer customers exceptional solutions.

Thanks to the combination of weather and sun protection systems, the company can offer a variety of possibilities. If the required solution is not included in the product range, customer-specific special solutions are also developed and manufactured for companies such as Audi and Rolex.

Bauelemente Bau (Construction Elements Construction);Edition 06-07/2014

June 2014

MLL-HAMBURG – IP23D tested weather protection.

For reliable operation and safe use.

In many applications, electrical and electronic equipment must operate reliably for many years under difficult environmental conditions. As regards their suitability for different environmental conditions, the protected systems are divided into corresponding protection classes, so-called IP codes. The abbreviation IP stands for International Protection. In English, the abbreviation is sometimes also translated with Ingress Protection.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 06/2014

May 2014

Summer heat protection.

The main task of the summer heat protection is to keep temperatures at a tolerable level on hot summer days.

In the case of rooms with windows, in particular in the case of built-out roof structures with sloped roof windows, summer heat protection depends to a considerable extent on the window surfaces. Glazing is permeable to short-wave light radiation. For this reason, sun protection measures have to be taken above all for light-permeable components, such as windows and other glazing components. The sun protection device is therefore dependent on the type of glass and the window’s total degree of energy permeability.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 05/2014

April 2014

Functionality and innovative design.

Large slat systems not only enable energy-efficient sunlight management but also fascinating facade design.

The Hamburg facade specialist MLL features of a portfolio of aesthetically high-quality solutions, which offer optimal daylight control and reliable sun protection. External sun protection avoids the overheating of buildings during the summer (“MLL Night Cooling") and contributes towards the profitability and sustainability of buildings. The slat systems, which are particularly suitable for office and administrative buildings, can be installed horizontally, in a cantilever design, and vertical/parallel to the facade.

Metall (Metal);Edition 04/2014

Climate of the future.

When we speak of sun protection in architecture today, we are referring to the goal of protecting buildings and their users from the unwanted effects of strong solar radiation.

Large slat systems, e.g. from MLL-Hamburg enable energy-efficient sunlight management. They offer aesthetically high-quality solutions and at the same time provide reliable sun protection technology, optimal daylight detection and opportunities for fascinating facade design. These days, modern architecture utilizes daylight systems not only as a lighting element but also for building design. This creates additional added value, which has a positive impact on facade design and the use of potential materials or material combinations.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 04/2014

February 2014

Explosion-proof overpressure valve.

MLL explosion-proof overpressure valves are specially designed to protect against the rated pressure being exceeded in flammable environments that correspond to Explosion Class II, 2, G.

The explosion overpressure valves are available in the versions: 551C-Ex, 552C-Ex, 553C-Ex, 651C-Ex, 652C-Ex, 653C-Ex. Ex protection according to MRL, in accordance with ATEX 95 for (EX 11, 2, G) DIN EN 755-1 / -2 / -9, DIN EN AW 6063 T6, DIN EN ISO 2768-2, c, L, DIN EN 1127-1:20011.

mbz metallbauzeitung (Metal Construction Journal);Edition 02/2014