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Press Releases from 2013

October 2013

Explosion protection per overpressure valve.

The overpressure valves from MLL-HAMBURG protect against exceeding the rated pressure in rooms containing electrical equipment and transformer rooms.

In case pressure increases above the specified level, the slats open automatically and also return automatically to their previous position once the pressure has subsided. The air current caused by the excess pressure escapes through the overpressure valve. In case the permissible pressure is exceeded (e.g. due to an explosion or crossover), the resulting overpressure is relieved very quickly. The valve size is matched to the room volume and the amount of air calculated to escape in extreme conditions. 

sicht-sonnenschutz (shielding - sun protection);Edition 10/2013

September 2013

30 year company anniversary.

30 years of growth and experience. The family business continues to grow steadily.

30 years later, MLL-Hamburg can draw upon its in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in the national and international market. In addition, the range is continues to be expanded and on the basis of current customer requirements and increasing demand. The growth is continuing in other areas as well: At the beginning of August 2013, the company celebrated its completion and thus expansion into the second production hall with 620m². The manufacturer has also been certified according to ISO 9001 since June 2013.

M&T;Edition 09/2013

Its production and portfolio are expanding.

This year, at the beginning of August, the company celebrated its 30-year anniversary along with the completion and thus expansion into the second production hall with 620m².

Over the years, the family business has continued to grow steadily, not only in terms of employees and the size and number of production halls, but also in product diversity.

With the combination of different systems in weather and sun protection, the company has achieved expanded functionality and provided for great design variety. Architects and engineering firms take advantage of this variety and rely on the products from MLL-Hamburg.

Bauelemente Bau (Construction Elements Construction);Edition 09/2013

August 2013

Hazardous rooms – MLL slats ensure pressure relief.

The explosion-secured overpressure valves of the Hamburg company MLL are suitable for the production of rooms or buildings.

The fields of application for this overpressure valve are electrical rooms, transformer rooms, right down to storage facilities where the hazard of explosion can occur and where safety through rapid pressure relief must be safeguarded. The explosion-proof overpressure valves from MLL protect against exceeding the rated pressure in hazardous areas of Ex Class II, 2, G. 

Metall (Metal);Edition 08/2013

30 year anniversary at MLL-HAMBURG.

30 YEARS OF MLL – this represents 30 years of growth in experience and expertise in the areas of weather protection, sun protection and ventilation.

In June 1983, Peter Müsing founded MLL-GmbH. In the beginning with a two-person operation with a small workshop hall of 100m². At that time, Peter Müsing sold noise-dampening ventilation systems. With his tireless energy and business savvy, Peter Müsing managed within just a short time to expand the range of MLL-GmbH to sliding ventilation systems and slats for weather protection grids. In 2001, Peter Müsing brought his son, Sven Müsing, into the company and passed on his experience and expertise.

Architektur Exclusiv Lifestyle;Edition 07-08/2013

March 2013

Do you want to achieve the seemingly impossible? We make it easy!

These and other products have been specially developed and produced for our customers: Take a look for yourself.

We make the impossible achievable for you: Should the situation arise that you do not find what you are looking for in our diverse product range - we will simply make it for you!

Customer-specific wishes are afforded very individual solutions in our company. We design and develop very individual new slats for you. The corresponding tool is cut and used to produce the profiles – the MLL experience, including factory planning and technical engineering.

Architektur Exclusiv Lifestyle;Edition 03-04/2013

The Night Cooling from MLL-HAMBURG works like a natural ventilation system.

Systems for supporting continuous ventilation.

The MLL-Hamburg systems are also suitable for auxiliary continuous ventilation. The Night Cooling System from MLL-Hamburg works like a natural ventilation system to compensate for indoor and outdoor temperature differences. It serves the controlled regulation of temperature, humidity and air quality in a room and in doing so, provides for a pleasant indoor climate.

sicht-sonnenschutz (shielding - sun protection);Edition 03/2013

There is a trend towards large slats.

Complete service.

The implementation of customer-specific solutions and custom designs in the area of sun/weather protection and ventilation technology is a key area of focus at MLL-HAMBURG: It begins with the design and development of new slats, right down to the production of the relevant tools. According to the company’s philosophy, customer should focus entirely on his own core business and needs only to communicate the desired scope of services in terms of the technical drawing of the building, required ventilation cross-sections or the type of shading, the dimensions and possibly the desired slat shape.

Glaswelt;Edition 03/2013

February 2013

Good climate with MLL systems.

Facades and sun protection made of aluminium

As a manufacturer of weather protection, sun protection, slat systems and ventilation systems made of aluminium for indoors and outdoors, MLL-Lamellensysteme GmbH continues to grow steadily. The aluminium specialist from Hamburg is involved in engineering, design and manufacturing in the fields of building technology, shading and wind energy. The Night Cooling System from MLL-Hamburg is a natural ventilation system, to compensate for indoor and outdoor temperature differences.


January 2013

MLL offers solutions: What we don’t have, we make!

It develops and produces especially for you: Rolex 050 slat, Schneider 010XS slat, Audi 030XL slat and Audi supporting pillar 006.

MLL-HAMBURG is a manufacturer of slat and  facade systems of all kinds and shapes in the area of weather protection and sun protection. With decades of experience and competence, we develop, plan and manufacture according to your specific requirements. MLL-HAMBURG provides you with solutions: Should the situation arise that you do not find what you are looking for in our diverse product range - we will simply make it for you.

premiumfassaden;Edition 01/2013