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As a Hamburg-based company that is clearly committed to regional ties and the typical Hanseatic traditions, the company presented its trade fair appearance at the beginning of January 2017 under its campaign motto: MLL a (r) t work!

MLL-HAMBURG produces with Elan for its customers: MLL at work! And MLL is also building small works of art for you or already producing a very own lighthouse, if you wish - for MLL is creative: MLL art work! MLL is authentic, is Hamburg manufacturer, produces quality and can always be something for its customers. With small hamburgers, e.g. Franzbrötchen, Hanseats or variants of typical fish rolls, MLL thus also culminated in bringing a little closer to Hamburg. With the typical fresh MLL breeze, the company also ensured the explanation of ebb and flow (in the form of Cidre, which is produced in Hamburg in the four- and marshes) and a cool MLL beer.

Fair highlights were a freshly tested, crash-proof ventilation grille, which is available in several different installation variants, a motorized slider which can be equipped from the area of the sun protection lamellas and with weather protection lamellas according to personal needs. The exhibit showed both types of lamellae to demonstrate a better visualization of the visual effect. Also here via APP controllable and controllable.

Also here was an IP23D tested ventilation grille. This gaunty and splash-proof weather protection grille, as a gimmik in an aquarium for attention. It was neatly sprayed with water to demonstrate the tightness of this lattice. What MLL-HAMBURG does and does, where and how these products are used, you can track them with tension on a large screen. Looked at the typical Platt-German invitation to look there: "Kiek mol wedder in" followed many spectators. Here a droning film with various construction projects was shown. Just a different way of explaining their product diversity to customers and prospective customers on the stand.