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MLL-HAMBURG has again grown

HELIOSWERKE® solTec GmbH becomes a company of the MLL-HAMBURG Group

The fact that MLL-HAMBURG mergers have been successful in the past has been demonstrated by the example of Behrens sonal today's MLL Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH. Now the managing directors of MLL Lamellensysteme GmbH and MLL Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH, Peter and Sven Müsing welcome the managing director of HELIOSWERKE® solTec GmbH, Mr. Mathias G. Walter, to the MLL-HAMBURG Group. The HELIOSWERKE® have existed since 1972 and offer comprehensive solutions in the field of privacy, glare and sun protection. The company is based in Hedem in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, producing and assembling with around 30 employees - throughout Germany and beyond. In order to comply with the customer's request for a holistic product range in the weather and sun protection segment for indoor and outdoor use, the merger with HELIOSWERKE® solTec GmbH has been established. After all, one thing is important for customers today: to inquire once, everything covered under one and the same quality and care. This saves time and effort in choosing the right product and the right manufacturer partner. An assembly team is now added to the extended product range. Under the motto: Everything in it - a win, the MLL-HAMBURG Group starts with new reinforcements into the future. The MLL-HAMBURG Group as an umbrella brand comprises three independent business units. MLL Lamellensysteme GmbH produces weather protection grilles and ventilation systems. They support the ventilation of rooms and offer protection and security against external influences. Slatted facades set accents to the façade exterior and thus achieve individuality in the construction project. MLL Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH offers a variety of design options in the field of building shading with aluminum large fins. The newly added HELIOSWERKE® solTec GmbH specializes in the field of sun, light and glare protection - both for outdoor and indoor use: Whether external venetian blinds, façade awnings, the stormproof sun protection system Stormproof or indoors with the products roller blinds, Plissees, skylight dimming and the energy-saving solution Segment shading. Wherever appearance and function harmonize, the group of companies develops constructive creations for e.g. Architecture, commerce, gastronomy, shipping, industry and monument protection. The companies under the umbrella brand MLL-HAMBURG stand for one and the same: they contribute to a good indoor climate and create well-being. The products are geared to the most diverse needs, so the company offers very individual solution concepts. They create structural benefits and combine creativity and freedom of design in accordance with the required technical building regulations - there are virtually no limits to the implementation with MLL products. We see our companies as a close collaboration between employees and production to the customer as a teamwork. Together we are strong, we are unmistakable and we are breaking new ground. We are MLL. The MLL-HAMBURG Group will make its first joint appearance at the BAU 2019 in Munich. In hall C1, booth 121 we would be pleased to welcome you. In addition to the usual tastings, you can expect an overall concept of indoor and outdoor weather protection and sun protection products.