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At the beginning of June 2013 MLL-HAMBURG celebrated its 30th anniversary.

30 years of MLL – this represents 30 years of growth in experience and expertise in the areas of weather protection, sun protection and ventilation.

In June 1983, Peter Müsing founded MLL-GmbH (MLL is derived from the terms: maximal (maximum), Lärmschutz (noise protection), Lüftungen (ventilation systems). In the beginning, a two-person operation with a small workshop hall of 100 m²,2. At that time, Peter Müsing sold noise-dampening ventilation systems. With his tireless energy and business savvy, Peter Müsing managed within just a short time to expand the range of MLL-GmbH to sliding ventilation systems and slats for weather protection grids. In 2001, Peter Müsing brought his son, Sven Müsing, into the company and passed on his experience and expertise. 

“The combination of young and old is what keeps the ideas vibrant and allows the experience of a company to grow.” (Peter Müsing)

Today – 30 years later, MLL-HAMBURG can rely on in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in the national and international market. Together, they have been able to combine different systems in weather and sun protection so as to achieve expanded functionality, resulting in a large and varied design diversity. This variety is appreciated by architects and engineering firms, and they gladly integrate MLL-HAMBURG products into their projects, since the quality of the design still always plays an important role.

In addition, the range is continues to be expanded and on the basis of current customer requirements and increasing demand. Special construction projects are tackled at MLL using an individual approach. The company designs and develops new slats, matched to each respective project. The corresponding tool is cut and used to produce the profiles – the MLL experience, including factory planning and technical engineering.

After all, it is no surprise that the company’s motto is: ”MLL offers solutions – what we don’t have, we make!” 

Also in the future, MLL - HAMBURG will continue to streamline its services and standards and adapt them to the market through its QM system.

The family business continues to grow steadily, not only in terms of employees and the size and number of production halls, but also in product diversity.
And so we have something to celebrate: MLL - HAMBURG celebrated its completion at the beginning of August 2013 and thus an expansion into the second production hall with 620 m2.