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MLL-HAMBURG® Group: First joint appearance with five new product groups

With the merger of Helioswerke® SolTec GmbH, the product portfolio of the MLL-HAMBURG® Group has been expanded to include interior and exterior sun protection, and the coordinated interplay of all products.

MLL-HAMBURG® presented the newly added MLL light protection products for the first time at BAU, in hall C1 on stand 121, and deliberately staged them together with MLL weather protection and MLL sun protection products. The group was thus able to clearly demonstrate that an effective combination of all MLL products is possible on the building. The advantage of this extended portfolio is that the MLL-HAMBURG® Group now offers everything around the building, inside and out, from a single source.
The aim was not only to present the wide MLL range, but also to show how effectively and imaginatively even individual sun protection slats with different areas of application (rigid or movable) can only be set in scene by incidence of light or converted into pieces of furniture in order to gain new perspectives. The large number of extremely positive feedback from the MLL stand visitors fully confirmed this.
The portfolio of new products from the MLL-HAMBURG® Group ranges from aluminium Venetian blinds, darkening systems, storm proofs (storm-tested facade awnings), segment shading through to glare protection as certified UV film or textile roller blinds.

External blinds:
MLL Venetian blinds consist of high-quality and weather-resistant aluminium. Thanks to a wide variety of slat shapes, widths and other extras, they can be easily adapted to individual requirements. Radio and other control options round off the comfort of the Venetian blinds. There is also a choice of different panel shapes and slat colours for individual design. MLL venetian blind systems are suitable for both new buildings and renovations. Light can also be directed through the upper slats to make better use of daylight. A direction of movement of the external blind from bottom to top is also possible.

Blackout / domelight blackout:
A special highlight of the darkening systems is the MLL skylight dome darkening, which was specially developed for higher window areas. This special system manages completely without the usual guide systems, the fabric runs independently in an extruded aluminium housing. The sliding safety is guaranteed by a special brush guide and thus ensures a light-proof darkening. Various designs ensure variable installation, even in conjunction with smoke and heat ventilation systems, and can also be combined with insect screens.
This internal sun and glare protection is not only suitable for darkening, but is also possible in combination with other fabrics and can be operated manually or by motor.

When closed, the storm-proof facade awning withstands wind speeds of up to 145 km/h (wind force 12 Bft, tested in a wind tunnel) safely and reliably. The fabrics are fixed to the side by a zipper system and thus achieve high wind stability and flawless fabric tension. A complex control with wind monitor is not necessary. The system is weatherproof and low-maintenance.

Segment shading:
The segment shading is a new development from MLL-Lichtschutz for indoor use. Often you only need one shading for a part of the room. Especially when the sun is low, the required shading is only achieved by completely shutting down the interior shading and thus darkening the entire room - whether at the workplace, computer workstations or in the living room. In order to be able to see sufficiently with shaded windows further on, artificial light must replace the shaded sunlight expensively now. By the MLL segment shading only the desired use range is shaded and the free sunlight entry is used for the lighting of the area. An optimal solution to use daylight without glare. Exclusively available with MLL light protection with cable guide or pre-tensioned rod rigg guide.

Anti-glare film / roller blind:
The highly effective MLL anti-glare films effectively prevent excessive UV radiation, which can lead to glare in the visible area and thus guarantee a glare-free view in security professions such as airports, shipping or hospitals. These special films can be subsequently applied to the glass and have been tested by Germanischer Lloyd. In addition to the film, MLL also offers textile roller blinds which are germ-free up to 99.9% thanks to a special surface treatment and counteract bacterial growth.