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Mll-Hamburg in the News

Our company and the latest news

Ground-breaking ceremony for new building

MLL-HAMBURG® relocates its site
27. March 2019

MLL-HAMBURG® will relocate its future headquarters to nearby Ahrensburg. The new production and office complex will be located in a newly populated industrial area at the beginning of next year.

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BAU 2019: First joint appearance with five new product groups

HELIOSWERKE® solTec GmbH becomes a company of the MLL-HAMBURG Group
21. January 2019

With the merger of Helioswerke® SolTec GmbH, the product portfolio of the MLL-HAMBURG® Group has been expanded to include interior and exterior sun protection, and the coordinated interplay of weather protection, sun protection and light protection was clearly demonstrated at BAU.

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MLL-HAMBURG has again grown

HELIOSWERKE® solTec GmbH becomes a company of the MLL-HAMBURG Group
01. October 2018

The Hamburg-based company, which has been operating for more than 35 years and specializes in outdoor weather protection and sun protection systems, is looking forward to the merger with HELIOSWERKE® solTec GmbH, which as a sun protection specialist covers the inside and outside shading, thus completing the range. 

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Special Mention at German Brand Award 2018

MLL-HAMBURG wins the Special Mention Award at the German Brand Award 2018.
21. June 2018

On June 21, 2018, the prize for successful brand management was awarded in Berlin. In the Industry Excellence category in Branding / Building & Elements, MLL-HAMBURG has been awarded the Special Mention Prize. This award honors work for special aspects of brand management - a distinction that honors the commitment to the competitiveness of German brands.

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As a Hamburg-based company that is clearly committed to regional ties and the typical Hanseatic traditions, the company presented its trade fair appearance at the beginning of January 2017 under its campaign motto: MLL a (r) t work!
22. January 2017

MLL-HAMBURG produces with Elan for its customers: MLL at work! And MLL is also building small works of art for you or already producing a very own lighthouse, if you wish - for MLL is creative: MLL art work! MLL is authentic, is Hamburg manufacturer, produces quality and can always be something for its customers.

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Together, we are what each one of us is individually.

The MLL-HAMBURG exhibition stand at BAU 2015 in Munich was designed and built this time under the campaign motto "I AM MLL - WE ARE MLL".
01. January 2015

Also in that year, the company presented itself as an exhibitor at the Munich trade fair, BAU 2015. The highlights of the MLL trade fair were products for weather protection and sun protection, which were demonstrated in a visual and tangible way. Almost the entire stand was made from MLL products. All the individual parts added up to the entire stand, and each one of us helped to turn it into a sum total. The campaign motto "I AM MLL - WE ARE MLL" was thus presented in a visible and tangible way. 

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Celebrating MLL-HAMBURG’s 30-year anniversary

At the beginning of June 2013, MLL-HAMBURG celebrated its 30-year anniversary
01. June 2013

The 30th anniversary of the company is not only a reason to celebrate, but has also been used to inaugurate the completion of the expansion into our new production hall. The production facility now has a total area of approx. 2100 m²2. 30 years of MLL – this represents 30 years of growth in experience and expertise in the areas of weather protection, sun protection and ventilation.

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Weather protection and sun protection can be combined

Effective immediately, the new slats and profiles from MLL-HAMBURG can be mixed and matched according to particular needs.
01. July 2012

As a competent manufacturer of weather protection grids, slat systems and ventilation systems made of aluminium, after successfully taking over the sun protection systems of the sonal brand, we have developed a combined product range consisting of weather protection and sun protection systems.

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MLL-HAMBURG has a new family member!

In November 2011, MLL-GmbH took over the brand sonal with its sun protection products. The result is a powerhouse of expertise under one roof.
01. November 2011

Sun protection products were previously a part of the sales portfolio, but they were not manufactured in-house, rather they originated from manufacturers such as the former company c. behrens sonal GmbH, Hannover. This already existing business relationship as now led to the takeover of the sonal brand, so that MLL now also produces sun protection made of aluminium in its own facility.

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