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MLL-ZIP Awning

As an alternative to external venetian blinds, awnings with ZIP systems are increasingly being used at higher wind speeds. Due to the high wind stability up to bft 12, they prevent the rooms behind from heating up. Whether in summer or winter, these systems offer the best summer heat protection or in the dark, cold season - even when there is a lot of wind and weather, light and colour into the building interior. The fabric is firmly anchored by the ZIP guide between the guide rails and therefore does not let wind or light through. Due to the many types of fabric, the curtain harmoniously fits into the overall appearance of the façade. Thanks to the small box dimensions, vertical awnings are particularly suitable for windows that are to be retrofitted with sun protection. Due to the high wind stability, wind monitoring is largely unnecessary.

We design, develop and produce for you individually according to your dimensional specifications and requirements including technical elaboration and assembly.

MLL system structure:

The ZIP awning from MLL is characterised by the narrow guide rails with H-PVC side guides, which are equipped with a neoprene buffer zone to compensate for wind gusts. The MLL ZIP awning is designed for wind forces of up to 12 Beaufort (145 km/h), ensures effective sun protection and prevents overheating.

Advantages at a glance

  • Thermal insulation at high outside temperatures
  • Glare protection for wind forces up to 12 Beaufort
  • Suitable for retrofitting
  • TÜV tested
  • Conveniently controlled by remote control
  • Emergency hand crank on request
  • Brush seal reduces residual light incidence and ensures optimum darkening quality
  • Fabric and colour variants or blackout wheel freely selectable
  • Firmly shrink-wrapped zipper
  • Flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1/M1
  • Resistant to moisture

Mounting situations

Type code

This type code explains the construction of the MLL-ZIP awnings so that you can choose the right type.

Execution variants:

Execution PlantCurtainBox propertyBox heightGuide railMotor drive
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxxxxx  x            xxxx  
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxxxxx   x           xxxx  
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxxxxx    x          xxxx  
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxxxxx     x         xxxxxx
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxxxxx      x        xxxxxx
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxx x xx     x       xxxx  
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxx x xx      x      xxxx  
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxx   x        x     xxxx  
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxx x xx        x    xxxx  
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxx   x          x   xxxx  
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxx  x            x  xxxx  
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxx  x             x xxxx  
ZIP guided vertical awningZMxx   x             xxxxx  

Limit dimensions:

Due to the different box sizes, shaft diameters and material variants, the limit dimensions are highly variable. We would be pleased to advise you in advance as to which system sizes can be realised with your requirements.