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MLL-External blinds

External venetian blinds combine numerous functions from sun protection to glare protection. Simply and safely installed outdoors, these external blinds help to save energy in various ways. For sun protection and glare protection, MLL external venetian blinds are made of high-quality and weather-resistant aluminium. Thanks to a variety of slat shapes, widths and other extras, they can be easily adapted to individual requirements. Radio and other control options round off the comfort of the external venetian blinds. For individual design, you can also choose from various blind shapes and slat colours. The external venetian blind systems from MLL are suitable for new buildings as well as for renovation projects. Light control for better use of daylight through the upper slats is also possible. MLL Lichtschutzsyteme GmbH will gladly help you to choose the right external venetian blind for commercial, gastronomy or private use.

Intensive on-site consultation enables our technicians to plan precisely and to meet your personal requirements. We offer you a complete service from initial planning to installation and regular maintenance. The following system variants will lead you to your desired product. We will be happy to advise you personally or you can simply press the inquiry button. We are looking forward to you!

Slat shapes

Different shapes and colours of the slats contribute to a free design of the building. Depending on your requirements, equipped with guide rail or cable guide, manually operated or with motor.

MLL system structure:

The MLL external venetian blinds individually control the incidence of sunlight. At the same time they protect against unwanted glances and provide effective heat and glare protection. Depending on the area of application, they are available on the façade as a porch, in the reveal, as shaft mounting or self-supporting.

Advantages at a glance

  • Flexible daylight control
  • Individually adjustable slat angles
  • Durable privacy protection
  • Conveniently controlled by remote control (variable radio and control options)
  • With guide rail or rope guide
  • Slat colours freely selectable
  • Text tape and ladder cord available in 2 colours (grey, black)
  • Several systems can be coupled

Mounting situations

Type code

This type key explains the structure of the MLL Raffstore so that you can choose the right type.

Execution variants:

Execution PlantCurtainAperture characteristicsFront panel/package heightGuide railMotor drive
NameAbbreviationF60F80G80Z80Z90UBLBOB FSSEELFMKB45KB90
External blindsRxxxxxxxxDepending on the system height according to the following tablexxxxxx

Package and front panel heights:

80 mm
90 mm
80 mm
80 mm
80 mm
min. Aperture or shaft depth125 mm125 mm120 mm120 mm120 mm
System height up toPackage height mmAperture height* mmPackage height mmAperture height* mmPackage height mmAperture height* mmPackage height mmAperture height* mmPackage height mmAperture height* mm
700 mm145155145155150150115125115125
750 mm145155145155150150115125115125
800 mm145155145155150150115125115125
850 mm145155145155150150115125115125
900 mm155165155165160160120130120130
950 mm155165155165160160120130120130
1000 mm155165155165160160120130120130
1050 mm165175165175160160120130120130
1100 mm165175165175160160120130120130
1150 mm165175165175160160120130120130
1200 mm175185175185160160120130120130
1250 mm175185175185180180130140130140
1300 mm175185175185180180130140130140
1350 mm185195185195180180130140130140
1400 mm185195185195180180130140130140
1450 mm185195185195180180130140130140
1500 mm195205195205180180130140130140
1550 mm195205195205180180130140130140
1600 mm205215205215200200140150140150
1650 mm205215205215200200140150140150
1700 mm205215205215200200140150140150
1750 mm215225215225200200140150140150
1800 mm215225215225200200140150140150
1850 mm215225215225200200140150140150
1900 mm215225215225200200140150140150
1950 mm215225215225200200140150140150
2000 mm225235225235215215150160150160
2050 mm225235225235215215150160150160
2100 mm225235225235215215150160150160
2150 mm235245235245215215150160150160
2200 mm235245235245215215150160150160
2250 mm235245235245215215150160150160
2300 mm235245235245215215150160150160
2350 mm245255245255240240155165155165
2400 mm245265245265240240155165155165
2450 mm255265255265240240155165155165
2500 mm255265255265240240155165155165
2550 mm255275255275240240155165155165
2600 mm265275265275240240155165155165
2650 mm265275265275240240155165155165
2700 mm265275265275255255165175165175
2750 mm265275265275255255165175165175
2800 mm275285275285255255165175165175
2850 mm275285275285255255165175165175
2900 mm275285275285255255165175165175
2950 mm282292282292255255165175165175
3000 mm282292282292255255165175165175
3050 mm295305295305275275170180170180
3100 mm295305295305275275170180170180
3150 mm295305295305275275170180170180
3200 mm305315305315275275170180170180
3250 mm305315305315275275170180170180
3300 mm305315305315275275170180170180
3350 mm315325315325275275170180170180
3400 mm315325315325295295175185175185
3450 mm315325315325295295175185175185
3500 mm325335325335295295175185175185
3550 mm325335325335295295175185175185
3600 mm325335325335295295175185175185
3650 mm335345335345295295175185175185
3700 mm335345335345295295175185175185
3750 mm335345335345295295185195185195
3800 mm335345335345315315185195185195
3850 mm335345335345315315185195185195
3900 mm345355345355315315185195185195
3950 mm345355345355315315185195185195
4000 mm360370360370325325185195185195
4050 mm360370360370325325185195185195
4120 mm360370360370335335190200190200
4200 mm360370360370335335190200190200
4270 mm375385375385335335190200190200
4360 mm375385375385350350190200190200
4440 mm375385375385350350190200190200
4495 mm396406396406350350190200190200
4500 mm396406396406370370200210200210
4600 mm396406396406370370200210200210
4720 mm396406396406370370200210200210
4760 mm396406396406370370200210200210
4795 mm416426416426370370200210200210
4840 mm416426416426370370200210200210
4900 mm416426416426370370200210200210
4950 mm416426416426370370200210200210
5000 mm416426416426370370200210200210

Support and holder:

No. of carriersOrder width in mm
Order height up to 5000 mm- 15001501 - 30003001 - 40004001 - 5000
FS - Holder
Number of FS-holders per guide rail- 17001701 - 27002701 - 37003701 - 40004001 - 5000
For guide rail with adjustment possibility or distance > 114 mm- 17001701 - 27002701 - 37003701 - 40004001 - 5000
Additionally required guide rail holders can be ordered optionally. Package heights are defined with 30 mm distance to the top rail. Please note that the cover should be at least 10 mm higher than the specified package height! Package heights, number of beams and FS holders are approximate values and may deviate into the minus or plus range for technical reasons
Valid from April 2020Misprints and technical changes reserved