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MLL-Drop arm awning

MLL drop-arm awnings are also known as failure awnings and are the oldest type of awning in the shading sector. As a preferred place of application, they are used as balcony and window awnings. This effective sun protection is characterised by widely projecting arms and thus provides a large amount of shade. The spring-loaded drop arms provide a stable hold. It is suitable for installation on windows for front shading, but also for side shading. Drop-arm awnings are a mixture of practical sun protection and design element on the facade. They allow a view to the outside through the flared arms and are a real eye-catcher thanks to the matching colour scheme of the awning frame and covering.

There are no limits to your own designs on the fabric, the wide range of high quality textiles makes it possible. Of course, the fabrics are also available in plain colours, woven in two colours or with block stripes in various widths. Do you have any questions about further options and designs? Then please contact us, we will be happy to work out your wishes with you.

MLL system structure:

A drop-arm awning consists of a fabric shaft through which the fabric is rolled in and out, and two laterally mounted bearing brackets which simultaneously serve as fabric shaft bearings and fastenings. The drop arms can be moved to any desired position by means of the manual or electric drive. The drop arms provide a solid hold despite their steep inclination. It provides a lot of shade and still guarantees a good view to the outside.

Advantages at a glance

  • Optimal glare protection
  • No foregoing of daylight
  • Clear view
  • Perfect heat regulation
  • For retrofitting to existing buildings
  • Ideal for gastronomy
  • 230V motor with thermal fuse and integrated switch-off
  • Alternatively with hand crank
  • Extruded aluminium cover
  • Low failure pressure load up to 25N
  • Mounting visible or concealed
  • Mounting the valance on the drop rod
  • Fabric and colour variations or blackout wheel freely selectable
  • Translucent
  • Washable
  • Rot-free
  • Colourfast
  • Also with Soltis fabric

Mounting situations

Type code

This type code explains the structure of the MLL drop-arm awnings so that you can choose the right type.

Execution variants:

Execution PlantCurtainAperture characteristicsFront panel / Box heightGuide railMotor drive
Drop arm awningFAxxxx  x xxxxxx
Drop arm awningFAxxx xx  xxxxxx
Drop arm awningFAxxx x  xxxxxxx

Limit dimensions (in mm):

• For all specified box heights: max. width 5000mm, max. failure 1600mm