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MLL-Domelight darkening

Lecture halls, event rooms, churches, libraries or laboratories - the need to darken rooms for events is manifold. Different designs provide for variable installation. Whether with manual operation or quiet and comfortable motor technology. These internal MLL darkening systems are not only suitable for darkening, but also in combination with other materials, as internal sun and glare protection and are a sophisticated alternative to external shading.

A special highlight among the darkening systems is the MLL light dome darkening system, which was developed especially for higher window areas. This special darkening system does not require the usual guide systems, the fabric runs autonomously in an extruded aluminium housing. The sliding safety is guaranteed by the special brush guide and thus ensures a light-tight darkening. This type of darkening system is excellently suited in connection with smoke and heat ventilation systems.

MLL system structure:

The MLL-Lichtschutz dome light shading systems are available in the respective standard sizes. Depending on the area of application, up to six standard fabric variants are available with different colours and degrees of light transmission.

Advantages at a glance

  • Thermal insulation at high outside temperatures
  • Light and glare protection
  • Can be combined with geometric smoke extraction
  • Conveniently controlled by remote control (variable radio and control options)
  • Brush seal reduces residual light incidence and ensures optimum darkening quality
  • Fabric and colour variations or blackout wheel freely selectable
  • Flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1/M1
  • Dirt-repellent

Mounting situation

Type code

This type code explains the design of the MLL dome light dome darkening system so that you can choose the right type.

Execution variants:

Execution PlantCurtainFrameFrame heightGuide railMotor drive
Domelight darkeningLKxxxxxxxxx

Standard fabrics:

PurposeColour codeFront pageBacksideLight transmittanceReflectance (Rs)Absorption factor (As
BlackoutHeytexTv = 0%81%19%
Shading102 Grau WeißTv = 11%41%48%
Shading3001 Charcoal GrauTv = 6%14%80%
Shading101 GrauTv = 10%20%70%
Shading210 Sand WeißTv = 16%50%34%
Shading2020 LinenTv = 52%52%30%

Standard dimensions:

754 mm754 mm
1254 mm
1754 mm
2254 mm
2754 mm
954 mm954 mm
1254 mm
1554 mm
2154 mm
2454 mm
2754 mm
1004 mm1004 mm
1254 mm1254 mm
1554 mm
1854 mm
2154 mm
2254 mm
2754 mm
1554 mm1554 mm
2154 mm
2254 mm
2454 mm
2754 mm
1754 mm1754 mm
2754 mm


The dimensions are based on the most common dimensions for domelights / light shafts. Widths and projections can be combined almost without exception. If you give us the dimensions of your installation situation, we will adapt our frames to them. Mountings are based on the local conditions