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Light protection

You enjoy the sunlight and we have the anti glare for you.

It's a commonly known fact: Poor interior air is harmful to well-being. Modern windows are too tightly sealed, thus they no longer allow for sufficient air exchange. The ventilation necessary due to building design is required to transport the accumulated humidity from the interior, which is caused by washing, cooking, plants, etc., which can lead to water condensation and mold growth.

MLL-HAMBURG offers some useful solutions for this: Various air ventilation systems offering flexible use and a natural and equally effective air exchange in office and home interiors.

In its range, MLL-HAMBURG offers two different window ventilation options:

Rotary fans (D-80/D-120) and folding fans (plus 60-G / flat F-80). All the fans are thermally insulated and have external profile in a soft line design. In addition, they are also available in various surfaces with all anodised, RAL and NCS colours.

The ventilation systems are suitable for installation in wood, aluminum or plastic windows What's more, the system is also appropriate for sliding doors. The company offers to installation versions: The fan can be clamped all the way around the panel or window frame, or it can be mounted directly on or under the glass pane. The length of the ventilation system also corresponds to the length of the glass. In the insulated glass, only the reduction in glass size of the desired fan needs to be taken into consideration.

The free ventilation space per running meter of profile is 150 to 300 cm.2. For 4 Pa wind pressure, a free air throughput of 72 up to 131 m³/h per running metre of profile can be achieved (depending upon the fan). The symmetrical inner grille on the rotary fan, which can be easily removed by hand, also serves as insect protection.

The customer receives good wind- and waterproofing, as well as a thermal separation, through four brushes with an extra-fine insert. Stepless regulation of the air volume is actuated via a lever or a connecting rod.

Nicht nur äußere Faktoren, wie Hitze, Kälte, Sonne, Regen, spielen bei der Auswahl des richtigen Schutzes eine entscheidene Rolle, sondern auch die klimatischen Verhältnisse im Innenbereich.

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