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Peter Müsing
Managing Owner

+49 4102 94846 15

Sven Müsing
Managing Owner

+49 4102 94846 14

Christiane Kroll 
Dipl.-Komm.-Designer, CD, Head of Marketing

Ms Kroll creates everything from our company that you see, read and hold in your hands. She is responsible for the overall design of and concerning MLL-HAMBURG, including media and public relations.

+49 4102 94846 22

Michael Kroll
Authorized signatory, REFA technician, Head of IT and Sun Protection Consulting

Do you have difficult tasks to master? Mr. Kroll calls this a challenge and looks forward to receiving your enquiries in any tricky or simple form.

+49 4102 94846 17

Janine Lorenzen 
Accounting in the field of sun protection and light protection

Mrs. Lorenzen receives all invoices, incoming payments and outgoing payments in the area of sun and light protection. She is at your disposal at any time and will be happy to provide you with information.

+49 4102 94846 10

Tanja Jahnke 
Offer tracking in the field of light protection 

If you ever get a call and are asked about submission dates, it is our wife Jahnke. She is looking forward to your information!

+49 4102 94846 35

Carsten Droste
Authorized signatory, Purchasing in the field of light protection

Mr. Droste is in charge of purchasing for all aspects of light protection and is responsible for all commercial tasks.

+49 5743 9306 17

Axel Auf der Masch
Head of sales in the area of light protection

His tasks include the coordination of internal and external sales, as well as the preparation of quotations and order processing. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

+49 5743 9306 11

Waldemar Becker
Sales, quotation preparation and order processing in the field of light protection

Mr. Becker processes your inquiries and orders. He will be happy to discuss your questions with you and clarify any issues relating to offers and orders.

+49 5743 9306 12

Yannick Kolax
Head of technology in the area of light protection

Mr. Kolax coordinates the entire technical processing and is your contact person during order processing. You will certainly get to know him personally in the field.

+49 5743 9306 22

Detlef Horstmann 
Technician in the field of light protection

Mr. Horstmann is at your side with his many years of experience in the field of light protection. He is happy to visualize the planning in the form of CAD drawings.

+49 5743 9306 24

Vanessa Schüte
Order processing in the field of light protection

Her tasks include order processing, processing and assigning the service team. She is your contact person for all service questions.

+49 5743 9306 35

Meike Cook
Head of production in the area of light protection

Ms. Cook organises and coordinates all production processes so that her order is produced as quickly as possible and arrives safely at your door.

+49 5743 9306 31